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Fall Bake Boxes

Take a glimpse at the selection of Fall snacks coming your way in our new Fall Bake Box launching on Oct.9th!


Get ready to savor the flavors of Autumn like never before. Our Fall Bake Box has officially landed on the website, bringing together a delightful array of your favorite seasonal tastes in one irresistible collection.

A Quick Peek At What's Inside

Keep scrolling for a detailed description of each sweet treat

Walnut Sage Linzer Buttons

Elevate your snack game with the heavenly pairing of buttery and nutty perfection in these walnut sage linzer cookies. Complementing these cute as a button gems are the earthy undertones of sage and the delightful crunch of toasted walnuts, making them perfect for dunking into a warm mug of your favorite tea.


Chocolate Espresso Biscotti

For all the mocha enthusiasts out there, these mini biscotti are a must-try. They achieve the ideal harmony between the robust notes of coffee and the richness of dark chocolate. Each biscotto is generously sprinkled with a coffee-infused sugar crust, dunked in luscious espresso ganache, and adorned with dark chocolate espresso beans. Enhance your latte experience with these irresistible delights


Glazed Maple Leaves

Take a moment to savor the crisp October air and celebrate the arrival of fall's beloved snacks with these maple-glazed sugar cookies. They provide a delightful snap and a mouthwatering burst of maple goodness, all thanks to their luscious vanilla bean maple glaze.

Maple Leavs.jpg

Mulled Apple Cider Leaves

Cider enthusiasts, rejoice—it's cider season! Shake things up in your snack selection with these delectable mulled apple cider butter cookies. A highlight in our Fall Bake Box, these cookies are enriched with the essence of mulled apple cider, carefully crafted into a sumptuous caramel, pulverized into a fine powder, and delicately sprinkled over each cookie. These treats embody not only the spirit of autumn's crunchy leaves but also offer the inviting fragrance and taste of a cozy apple cider mug

Pumpkin Ginger Scones

These pumpkin scones redefine the concept of 'basic' with their bold infusion of autumn spices. Encased in a tantalizing ginger sugar shell and featuring a remarkably moist and airy center, these fall-inspired scones are elevated by the addition of orange zest and allspice. They are an excellent way to kickstart your morning and pair seamlessly with your favorite coffee.

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